Curated items KNOT AFTER KNOT

A selection of art works and products beyond the regular selection criteria, organized around different subjects and ideas. Closer to collecting than consumerism.

The technique of crochet, whether understood as a traditional product, a process, or a means of expression, and ultimately as an artform is the main focus of this exhibition, 'knot after knot' where the knowledge and methods of this traditional craft is intertwined with the forefront of internationa… [+]
  • Espectadores


    Ana Laura Aláez

    8 knit glasses

  • Orange Peel

    Orange Peel

    Ana Laura Aláez

  • The Weird of Oz (2)

    The Weird of Oz (2)

    Joana Vasconcelos

    Handmade woolen crochet, fabrics, ornaments, polyester staff, MDF, iron  

  • Trigger


    Joana Vasconcelos

    Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro acrylic painted faience, handmade cotton crochet  

  • Victoria


    Joana Vasconcelos

    Handmade woollen knitting and crochet, industrial knitted fabric, fabrics, ornaments, polyester, steel cables  

  • Fenêtre Sur Cour (Marbre)

    Fenêtre Sur Cour (Marbre)

    Joana Vasconcelos

    Wall piece in marble, handmade woolen crochet, ornaments, polyester, MDF and iron  

  • Nakdong


    Joana Vasconcelos

    Wall piece, ceramic washbasin, handmade woollen, crochet, ornaments, polyester  

  • Vedette


    Joana Vasconcelos

    Stainless steel sink, handmade woolen crochet, fabrics, ornaments, polyester  

  • Slalom


    Joana Vasconcelos

    Handmade woollen crochet, ornaments, polyester, on canvas  




    Wool crochet covering for an Arturo di Modica sculpture.

  • Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle

    Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle


    Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle,  is a collaborative sculpture between artists Olek and Devan Harlan. Starting from wildly differing disciplines…

  • Self Portrail

    Self Portrail

    Jo Hamilton

    Self portrail tapestry in crochet

  • Shine reclining (in progress)

    Shine reclining (in progress)

    Jo Hamilton

    Wall patestry portrail in progress

  • John Hoke

    John Hoke

    Jo Hamilton

  • DJ


    Jo Hamilton

    Commissioned portrail tapestry in crochet.

  • The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef

    The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef

    The Institute for Figuring

    The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef is a woolly celebration of the intersection of higher geometry and feminine handicraft, and a testimony to the disap…

  • Meta Blanket

    Meta Blanket

    Sarah Applebaum

    Tapestry made from founded crochet blankets.

  • Phantasmagoria


    Sarah Applebaum

    One piece “blanket” sewn together from found crocheted materials, blankets, pillows, hats, rugs, stuffed animals, mattress, board games, soft basketba…

  • Crochet on Mr. Marlon

    Crochet on Mr. Marlon

    Aldo Lanzini

  • Dare alla Luce

    Dare alla Luce

    Mandy Greer

  • Small but Mighty Wandering Pearl

    Small but Mighty Wandering Pearl

    Mandy Greer

  • Bird of Protection

    Bird of Protection

    Mandy Greer

    Wall sculpture part of the instalation “Honey and Lightening”.

  • Honey Moon Chamber

    Honey Moon Chamber

    Mandy Greer

    The Honey Moon chamber is a 10 foot tall mirrored jewelry box spanning 12 feet, enclosing a giant engorged golden chandelier formation encrusted with…

  • Paliza (beating)

    Paliza (beating)


  • "Cuki Colorinchi Evolution"

    El Crochetista Enmascarado

    Sort film directed by Eduardo del Olmo Condado where "El Crochetista Enmascarado" (The Masked Crochetist) reveals his unexpected and sudden…