Espectadores by Ana Laura Aláez

Year of creation
Cotton yarn

Private collection.

Courtesy of Soledad Lorenzo´s Gallery, Madrid

Ana Laura Aláez - Espectadores

Ana Laura Aláez - Espectadores


One of the inevitable questions posed in interviews is "what kind of audience are you trying to reach?". My answer is that I am creating to no audience in particular. Or that I never think about the audience when I'm generating ideas. Responding to the same question again and again has higlighted to things to me;
-On the one hand, the importance of the visibility of the artists work in order for the artist to gain a reaction to his work
-And also that as the artists audience grows, so too does the diversity of and spectrum of views the artist recieves in reaction to his work.

This is one of the factors that can influence the creative process of the artist, additionally the realisation that there is no 'right answer' no single audience opinion. Furthermore neither the audience nor the performers can give an objective opinion concerning a work of art, and opinions, even the most positive, have the power to stop a project in its tracks. In fact, this work should be called 'on the other side are the artists' becuase the viewers are like spies. An artist should be independant and impervious to the opinions of others. In 'Spectators' I have utilised a double level of representation on this act of observation. On the one hand the goggles are a tool to view, on the other, eyes have been drawn on them.

This work does not limit the line that jumps from representation to abstraction. In this case I believe that the lines are blurred and overlap several times. The glasses are re-drawn with a cover point, the eyes overlap, there is a hyperrealistic blur. Viewers are independant yet are united in their collective. They are a mass, they are a material. There is no austerity or simplicity of form. However that little chaos of real glasses, waste material, generates a small structure, a small-scale construction, generated sculpture.

“…not an illustration of reality
but creating images
which are a concentration of reality”
Francis Bacon

Ana Laura Aláez

Translation: Laura Simpson

8 knit glasses