Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle by Olek

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Electric Bicycle and projectors

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Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle - Olek & Devan Harlan

Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle - Olek & Devan Harlan


  • Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle - Olek & Devan Harlan


Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle,  is a collaborative sculpture between artists Olek and Devan Harlan. Starting from wildly differing disciplines the work converges on the two artists penchant for transforming the world around them through color and pattern.

Olek’s prolific series of street art bicycles wrapped in hand crocheted skins provides the template for an entirely new hybrid work, but rather than using fabric the two artists wrap the bicycle in light. Devan’s advanced practice utilizing real-time 3D and projection mapping to cover surfaces in luminous pattern is merged with the raw physicality of handmade camouflage covering.

Transcending both new media and fiber arts, the work stands at the precipice of a new viewing experience. While radiant color and motion play across the bicycle’s iconic form a hypnotic simultaneity takes over, leaving the viewer hovering at the threshold of the limited and the limitless.

The show opened Feb 18th (2011) at NY Studio Gallery, NYC