Meta Blanket by Sarah Applebaum

Year of creation
Mixed yarn
400 x 244 cm

More info:

Sara Applebaum - Meta Blanket

Sara Applebaum - Meta Blanket


This blanket is made from unfinished blanket projects. In the U.S. there is a tradition of granny square blankets. Each blanket is comprised of many individual crocheted pieces, often squares, that are then sewn together or crocheted together. These are called “granny squares” and refer to the grandmothers who’ve traditionally made them for their homes and families. I collected these pieces from thrift stores, estate sales, and ebay, wherever people were getting rid of them. From my experience, the granny squares become available when the woman who made them gets to old to finish the blanket or passes away. I thought it was appropriate to honor them in this small way, by finishing the blanket.

Tapestry made from founded crochet blankets.