Christian Saucedo

Art or Design
Durando (Mex) - Chicago (U.S.A)

Christina Saucedo - Tonalco 450

Christina Saucedo - Tonalco 450

TONALCO 450 is an art installation of hundreds of handmade paper birds flaoting in open space. This work was inspired by the Nahuatl word for the fall season: ‘tonalco’. The objective of TONALCO 450 is to transform the space trough the effects of the lights trapped inside the forms. The result is many forms that emulate the collective, systemic motion of a flock of birds.Year of creation: 2011 Technique: handmade paper birds Dimensions: 4x4x6 meters Exhibition: chicago art district

Christian Saucedo was born in Durango, Mexico, in 1981 and is a Visual Artist with studies in architecture at Durango Institute of Technology. In 2008, he received a M.Ph. in Visual Arts from the Academy of San Carlos at National School of Arts UNAM (Mexico) and the School of Architecture at the University of Sevilla (Spain).

His work is linked with the concept of art-space and its close relationship with architecture and digital technology.

Since 2008 Saucedo is editor in chief on, an international database blog reference of new projects related to the concept of URBAN SCREENS.


SCHERZO is an interactive installation where a series of nodes are intertwined to formed of infinite graphical connections to form mecanic extensions. this piece is inspired by the sounds of olmo ibarra (durango, mx. 1981), to create a visual composition with different random movements on the limitations of space that contain it.