Elías Merino


Elías Merino

Elías Merino

Elías Merino develops his work in the field of sound art by studying electroacoustic creation, soundscape and concrete recordings, computer generated composition and sound manipulation via digital technology mainly. Merino's work to date is determined by a thorough conceptual study with the development of the discourse that defines it.
He has composed works for dance groups of Conservatorio de danza de Madrid, published works with different labels for example Buh records, Escala, Tecnonucleo or Audiotalaia to others, and made sound interventions in places such as Reina Sofía Museum, La Casa Encendida or LPM in Rome. Merino´s work has reflected on different subjects, from european Romanticism and its decline in the nineteenth century, Empiricism and interpretation of the "Tabula rasa", destructive vision of natural law and the weakness of man, until a study on reminiscence as a flourishing element and the built environment as reactionary agent, the time between stimulus and reaction, seen as a "pseudoreason" the absurdity of human nature, dialogue between nothing and infinity or a speech on the progress of the "technique" as a orteguian definition, among others ...
Elías is part of the electronic music ensemble Nuhg, and other projects with different composers and sound artists. Also collaborates with visual workers and performative and interdisciplinary projects.




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