Encyclopedia of New Creation, a selection of top professionals from all creative fields. From an established figure to a cutting edge new talent.

  • F.AN


    Descripción: Florian is the main component of the F.An project. In 2006, Florian started playing keyboards in a French electro-rock band. They perform…


  • Aimar Molero// Siberian Railway


    I  was born in Barcelona and grew up in a Burgos province town. When I was 18 I came back to Barcelona for sound study and at the end of this I s…

    Aimar Molero// Siberian Railway

  • Adapt


    Christian Del Moral was born January 1, 1986 in Ceuta, Spain.  At the tender age of nine he discovered techno and felt the urge to create electro…


  • Fur Voice


    David Gracia, who was born in Murcia but lives in Barcelona, is an actor, performer, musician, singer and since 2006 has been at the helm of the adven…

    Fur Voice

  • Nu Logic


    Nu Logic

  • Miga


    Miga is a group of audiovisual creators formed in 2004 and stablished in Granada, and its purpose is to show on the net the more advanced proposals fr…


  • Logical Disorder


    Logical Disorder is the nickname that Javier Barrero uses to throw away his feelings of paranoia, totalitarianism and resistance to hopelessness. Educ…

    Logical Disorder

  • Davic Nod


    Twenty-four year old Davic Nod is a young pianist and lover of electronic music and technology. Aged nine, he began studying piano, music theory and h…

    Davic Nod

  • Homeless Inc.


    Homeless Inc. might be a nomad wandering around various music styles, but he always returns to the home bass. A self-taught musician, Miguel aka Homel…

    Homeless Inc.

  • Elías Merino


    Elías Merino develops his work in the field of sound art by studying electroacoustic creation, soundscape and concrete recordings, computer generated…

    Elías Merino