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Encyclopedia of New Creation, a selection of top professionals from all creative fields. From an established figure to a cutting edge new talent.

  • Gonzalo Cutrina

    Fashion Art or Design

    Gonzalo Cutrina is a freelance illustrator from Barcelona. He is working since 1999 at an international level. His projects includes press, editorial…

    Gonzalo Cutrina

  • Thr3hold

    Art or Design

    Th3hold works on different areas related to audio-visual, mainly focused on videocreation and audio- live visuals in the experimentalelectronic field a…


  • AntiVJ

    Art or Design

    ANTIVJ is a visual label initiated by a group of European artists whose work is focused on the use of projected light and its influence on our percept…


  • Ryoichi Kurokawa

    Art or Design

    Japanese artist, born in 1978. Kurokawa’s works take on multiple forms such as installation works, recordings, and concert pieces. He composes the tim…

    Ryoichi Kurokawa

  • Makoto Yabuki

    Art or Design

    Makoto Yabuki works as a director/ art director at Tokyo, Japan. He started his career as a visual designer in 1997,and established TANGRAM co.,ltd. w…

    Makoto Yabuki

  • David Colbert

    Art or Design

    I feel drawn to uncertain and mysterious qualities of light and space. I work with polished or colored simple geometric forms. What emerges from the j…

    David Colbert

  • Daniel Chadwick

    Art or Design

    Born in Gloucester in 1965, Daniel Chadwick trained in architectural design and worked at Zaha Hadid Architects between 1987 and 1991. Since then he h…

    Daniel Chadwick

  • Paul Freidlander

    Art or Design

    Paul Friedlander can only be defined as a kinetic sculptor of light.Raised in Cambridge on a diet of relativity and black holes, one time aspiring cos…

    Paul Freidlander

  • rAndom International

    Art or Design

    rAndom International was founded by Stuart Wood, Flo Ortkrass and Hannes Koch in 2002. The studio was set-up as a license for experimentation with the…

    rAndom International

  • Pablo Abad

    Art or Design

    I am graphic designer and art director. I live and work in Madrid. My artwork has a strong typographic style and many of my projects are developed bas…

    Pablo Abad

  • Troika

    Art or Design

    Troika are Eva Rucki, Conny Freyer and Sebastien Noel, who met while studying at the Royal College of Art, and subsequently started their London-based…


  • Ana Laura Aláez

    Art or Design

    Ana Laura’s work shows her concerns around questions of space and human scale, as well as her quest for personal identity, in all fields of experience…

    Ana Laura Aláez

  • Kit Webster

    Art or Design

    An emerging talent in cutting-edge technological art and design, Kit Webster from Melbourne, Australia, has been gaining wide recognition for his enig…

    Kit Webster

  • Studio Dror

    Art or Design

    Dror Benshetrit articulate the complex meaning of objets in the simplest of ways. Their uses become part of their narratives, expressed in transformat…

    Studio Dror

  • Bruce Munro

    Art or Design

    Bruce Munro create Lighting Design, Chandeliers and Illuminated Sculptures. At Bruce Munro they have an enduring passion for light in all it's forms The…

    Bruce Munro

  • Pablo Valbuena

    Art or Design

    Pablo Valbuena (Madrid, 1978) develops artistic projects and research focused on space, time and perception.Some key elements of the construction of hi…

    Pablo Valbuena

  • Dev Harlan

    Art or Design

    Dev Harlan is a multidisciplinary artist whose hybrid practice combines the physical and the virtual with the use of sculpture, light and projection…

    Dev Harlan

  • Gabriel Dawe

    Art or Design

    Gabriel Dawe was born in Mexico City where he grew up surrounded by the intensity and color of Mexican culture. After working as a graphic designer, h…

    Gabriel Dawe

  • Junichi Akagawa

    Art or Design

    Born in 1985 in Japan and living in Berlin since 2010.After various music activities, in 2008 he started a solo-career in electronic music and visual…

    Junichi Akagawa

  • Yuki Matsueda

    Art or Design

    Born in Ibaraki, Japan, 1980 Education Tokyo University of the Arts, Ph.D. in Design, 2010 Solo Exhibitions 2011 GYM project, Seoul2011 Randy Art Hill,Tok…

    Yuki Matsueda

  • Young-Deok Seo

    Art or Design

    Academic Career 2010 Graduated from the department of Environmental Sculpture, University of Seoul 2010 Entered the department of Environmental Sculptur…

    Young-Deok Seo

  • Alba G. Corral

    Art or Design

    Alba G. Corral (Madrid, 1977), based in Barcelona‚uses code to create visual tools in real time, giving life to abstract digital landscape. She create…

    Alba G. Corral

  • Christian Saucedo

    Art or Design

    Christian Saucedo was born in Durango, Mexico, in 1981 and is a Visual Artist with studies in architecture at Durango Institute of Technology. In 2008…

    Christian Saucedo