ECO - Encounter with New Sounds

ECO – ENCOUNTER WITH NEW SOUNDS has been defined as an electronic and experimental music festival that has receive the latest trends in international avant-garde sound in genres such as dubstep, house, disco, techno, or ambient. Matadero Madrid positions itself on the cutting-edge of experimental sound being the point of contact that gathered these new ways of musical expression. The space of ECO was built in a synthesized natural enviroment, mainly protagonized by vegetation and wooden structures.

Saturday 17th included performances by: Showcase 100% Silk, Hieroglyphic Being, Guido, Pyrenees, BNJMN and Gerry Read, amongst others. Diverse lectures served as a round-up for the festival, being "Paradise Now: UbuWeb's World Without Copyright" by Kenneth Goldsmith the most highlighted, a discussion about piracy and intelectual property from the point of view of UbuWeb, an online resource dedicated to all strains of the avant-garde.

Text and photography by Alejandro Pérez Grande