About Us

Forward Council is a platform created to promote contemporary creation through its exhibition.
The work of creators is promoted through different activities and collaboration projects between professionals, in order to showcase the latest creations and technologies applied to creation.
The ultimate objective is the creation of a multidisciplinary showcase to develop creativity and innovation.
Special creations, avant-garde designs, prototypes and experimental artistic expressions find their place in the world thanks to Forward Council. They are presented together with other elements which share the same conceptual characteristics, even if they belong to unrelated genres.
A window to creation has been opened.

It is an organization which uses the digital support to promote creation, studying all fields and opening to different artistic forms.
It works to position new products and creators establishing associations between them.
It fuses fashion, industrial design, graphic design, architecture, music, photography, multimedia art and many other innovative elements.
It develops concepts, exhibiting a selection of works and products related with that concept or idea.
It promotes contests and collaboration projects between different creators, in order to showcase and sell them through the web.
It organizes virtual and physical exhibitions to showcase the work of creators about a particular subject or concept.
It cultivate craftwork in order to reinterpret it by contemporary creators. As a result, a link between tradition and innovation is born, supporting artisans and creators alike.
It studies the creation community through its thinking and its relationship with the different works in order to give a proper explanation of reality.

To people who appreciate the value of the work carried out by the creators and their freedom as they develop their creations.
To all creators, providing them with an exhibition space and/or selling point in a specialized environment.
To curious people interested in innovation and design.
Forward Council is also aimed at professionals and companies looking for other professionals to collaborate on special projects, growing a directory of creators from various disciplines, including their contact information.