L.E.V. 2012

L.E.V. stands for Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual or, in English, Visual Electronic Laboratory, is a project that offers a panoramic, eclectic and qualitative vision on the electronic music and visual creation wide spectrum since 2007.

The 6th edition of Laboratorio de Electronica Visual (Laboratory of Visual Electronica) will be celebrated on April 27th and 28th across the different spaces of the Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura project (Laboral City of the
Culture), in Gijon, in the north coast of Spain.


A physical and ephemeral space, concerned specifically with four themes: the natural synergy between image and sound, the live presentation, the relationship established between audience, artist connection and public space, and the new artistic tendences that constantly emerge on a global level

L.E.V. 2012 is proud to present: Prefuse 73, Ghostpoet, Byetone, Various Production, Soap&Skin, Mika Vainio, Arbol, Robert Lippok, Kuedo + MFO, Holy Other, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Anstam, Old Apparatus, Fasenuova, Euphorie (1024 Architecture), Komatsu + MFO, Patten, Vittus + Paul Prudence, Las CasiCasiotone and Normaa.

In the Parallel activities you can enjoy the installation ‘data.tecture [5 SXGA+ version]’ by Ryoji Ikeda, the Call for artists LEV – Scanner FM offering a call for Spanish artists, The International group exhibition ‘Visualizar el sonido’ or the workshop Red Bull Music Academy


Sonia Cantero