10.0 Evolution is revolution

CDmon celebrates its firsts 10 years of life with the competition "10.0 Evolution is revolution", aimed to design schools of Spain, in which the students have to make a tribute to Internet through art.

At this moment, CDmon is one of the leading companies in its sector and, in total, manages more than 120,000 domains and 50,000 hostings. His clients come from all over the world, especially Spain, and other countries as Europe and Latin America.

CDmon has created an microsite where, from February to September 2012, different design agencies and artists (members of the jury) make their own tribute to the knowledge society. Months of October, November and December are reserved for the winners of the competition.

The  participating works will be posted on the microsite from 8 May. The jury will select ten finalists and, after that, the three winning designs. The winning works will be announced on 1 June in Barcelona during the celebration of the firsts 10 years of CDmon, and their authors will be rewarded with 500 euros. Jury: Serial Cut, Dvein, Tavo, Cocobongo, Nastplas, Félix Sánchez, Angel Souto, Recwind, La Mosca and CDmon.

Sonia Cantero