The 2nd Crasmúsicas cycles

Ensemble Bernard de Chartres

Ensemble Bernard de Chartres

The Crasmúsicas cycles are a music event that unite classical music with the most advanced electronics. The unprecedented works arise from the joint work of classical artists and electronic musicians. The proposals explore compositions and musical genres like classical requiem, opera and cabaret, in relation to culture and contemporary art production.

The opening concert will be held on Thursday 26 April at 21:00 hours, he will present the new work of Jesus Rueda, National Music Award 2004 and composer of international renown, with Vasco Ispirián, one of the leading exponents current electronic music. Your proposal will be performed by "Blowing" flute quintet led by the innovative and versatile Julian Elvira. The last incorporation is Javier Belinchón, percussionist in the orchestra of the Community of Madrid.

The 2nd Crasmúsicas cycles be held in five sessions between April and July 2012 and will take place at the premises of the Red Bull Music Academy, the Music Nave of Matadero Madrid.


Sonia Cantero