Terms and conditions

Term and conditions.

These are the terms and conditions governing the operation of the www.forwardcouncil.com website and all its sections and services belonging to the Association Forward Council Concept Development, CIF: G86026044 and headquarters in Francisco Silvela street number 14 , 4 º Left CP: 28028, Madrid, Spain.
To be a member of any type of service offered within this website, you must accept these terms and conditions. Beneficiaries may subsequently withdraw that acceptance by sending the corresponding e-mail to the e-mail contact listed on the page.
The terms and conditions contained herein may change without prior notice, so if you are a recipient or customer of this site we suggest that you check and review the terms and conditions to be informed of changes.

Description of services:

Www.forwardcouncil.com website is the communication platform of the Association Forward Council Concept Development.
The main aim of this partnership is the dissemination and promotion of contemporary art for what it offers, publishing space to artists and creators of all creative disciplines, these being selected by the organization (frontpage section, Concept Development and Sound Styling)
Turn offers a retail space for designers who wish to do so upon acceptance of the conditions of sale outlined in this document and the contract that makes it easier for suppliers (Curated Items section).
On the other side creates a searchable archive of artists showing their work, contact information and everything you need to encourage their promotion via the Web (Index section).
The Forward Council Concept Develpment Association (hereinafter “the Organization”) is a non-profit organization and benefits from services obtained on the site are as self-support mission of the Association and its activities.


Appearance Index:
This is a service offered free to Council Forward selected creators.
It consists of a space to showcase the work of the beneficiary, with their information, the creative discipline to which they belong, and anything to which the organization and the beneficiary may consent without infringing upon any applicable laws.
The rights of images and videos of interest shown here (and throughout the website) do not happen to belong to the organization, but it if you have the right to display and advertising use them always indicating the source and authorship , understood as a promotional activity for the copyright owner of images and video works. These usage rights on the images will be valid during the period this agreement between the two parties is in effect.
The member guarantees that the images and content are original and he holds proprietary rights thereto, exempting Forward Council of any responsibility for that act.
The contact details provided by the applicant under this section shall be public and will be displayed along with graphic and audiovisual material that the operator contributes, this part of the service being provided by the organization and contact form. The organization will not include in these data bank accounts or anything which the recipient expresses his intention to keep private.
While giving the option to add new members upon request, the organization does not guarantee entry into the Index.
The organizers reserve the right not to accept the content sent by the applicant.
The interested party may withdraw from the service. To do so, the party wishing to withdraw must send an email to the association expressing his wish, which will eliminate his information from the Index as soon as possible.
Both the operator form as the images contained are likely to be shared across social networks, understanding this action as part of the promotion is offered to members.
Forward Council is not responsible for the links which can be provided to the members of INDEX.
It may happen that despite the organization’s ongoing efforts to update the web content, links or content may not be updated or may be incorrect. In any case, Forward Council is not responsible for these errors. If a customer or visitor finds any anomalies or inaccuracies, he should report these facts to correct that error.


Privacy Policy:
In compliance with Spanish Law 15/99 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, Forward Council strictly complies with all necessary measures to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of data provided through the collection forms typed in the web site and the email address at www.forwardcouncil.com. Personal data entered freely by customers, users and members in website forms are used exclusively by Forward Council for its work in administrative, technical, and comercial purposes. In no case will the organization transfer the personal data of our customers to third parties outside of the company without the express consent of the affected party. Forward Council agrees to discard personal data collected when it is no longer necessary or relevant to the purpose for which it was collected.
Authorized personnel Access to the company's customer data is done in a controlled and hierarchical way, according to the internal policies of access and processing of customer data.
The user to enter personal data in different site registration forms have full ability to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition at any time asking for the company in accordance with the provisions of that Data Protection Act.
The transmission of data is done in an encrypted format on a secure connection Forward Council ensures absolute confidentiality and privacy of personal data collected and has therefore taken essential safety measures to prevent alteration, loss, or unauthorized access and to guarantee its integrity and security. However, Forward Council not guaranty against unauthorized third parties undertaking any type of attack and which may be aware of system features that users use in the site. In this sense, Forward Council shall in no way be responsible for any incidents which may arise with respect to personal data.
The information provided by the user must be true. To this end, the user guarantees the authenticity of all data communicated as a result of completing the forms necessary for the recruitment of the Services. Similarly, the user will be continually updated to keep such information to respond, at all times, the real situation of the user. The user is solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and the damage caused to the company or others for the information provided.
The resolution of any dispute, controversy or claim arising from the use of the site, its contents or any products or services on offer, is subject to Spanish legislation.


Curated Items:
Forwardcouncil.com offers developers the ability to sell and / or display their products through the website.
The products herein may or may not be for sale. The fact that a product is listed in this section does not guarantee that the product is on sale or that there are units available in stock.
In case of products sold, the seller must accept the terms of sale of Forward Council.
Products are shipped directly from the studio of the operator to the buyer; Forward Council is simply a point between consumer and provider.
The supplier is obliged to provide the organization, in advance, the shipping price so that the organization can publish it along with the price of the product.
The customer who is interested in the product on the web must apply for product availability. Forward Council will respond to this request, reporting on it and contacting the buyer to proceed with the sale.
The provider certifies the originality of the work and that he has rights to sell the item.


The supplier is responsible for the quality of the product shipped.
Forward Council is not responsible for any problems that may arise from the products sold or of the existence, quality, quantity or condition of the goods offered, purchased or sold. The organization will not be liable for any use that can be made for the purchase of these assets or the improvement of operations and the ability to hire or accuracy of users' personal data.

The creators and suppliers understand and agree to be the only responsible party for products and services offered for sale, exempting Forward Council of any responsibility.

Consumers know and accept that Council Forward is not the owner or possessor of any products, exempting Forward Council of any responsibility. Specifically, the organization agrees that under no circumstances shall it be liable for any damages or injury, including consequential damage and loss of profits arising from transactions and unrealized operations products sales or services advertised in this site.


Product Availability:
The products listed in this section are in the hands of their creators and are shipped from their studios.
The availability of the products described in section "Curated Items" can vary depending on the supplier's stock at that time. For that reason, the purchase will not be modified and will not enforce the payment of goods until you have verified the availability of specific product and its units. The customer will be informed at all times of the operating system.


Procedure for sale:
Once an inquiry is presented for a product on the web, Forward Council sends an e-mail informing of the acceptance of the application, availability, price with shipping cost and estimated time of delivery.
This mechanism simply expresses the acceptance of the tender offer. In any case, consider this offer as perfection of the sales contract
Once the customer has confirmed through an email, has accepted these terms and made the bank transfer, Forward Council shall send the goods or refer the inquiry for custom ordering. At that time, it sends the appropriate invoice by email to the customer. At this time the sale has not yet occurred.
For a custom order, we will return the acknowledgment to the user giving the date of delivery, the price and conditions. For the ítem(s)’s production, there must be an advanced credit made.
A copy of the invoice shall be attached to the shipping package.
In the event that the product described in this section is sold in another website, the user will be redirected automatically to that site, leaving all responsibility,, terms and conditions to the provided in that website, leaving Forward Council also exonerated of any responsibility.


Shipment of goods:
The goods never leave its point of origin until the buyer has made the appropriate bank transaction.
Once the product has been send, supplier and Forward Council shall provide shipment number for tracking.
The supplier is responsible for the shipment of goods and risks in the shipment and delivery of the goods (such as deterioration, damage, and partial or total loss of the goods).
The customer has the responsibility to find out the legality of importation into the country the product purchased. Forward Council nor the supplier of the goods are responsible for any problems you may have importing the goods with respect to the customs regulations of the host country.


Prices are published in Euros and are valid except for typographical errors. All prices are taxed by Spanish law at the time of order. Any change in these taxes will be applied automatically to the price on products for sale in Council Forward


Payment methods:
The accepted payment method is the bank transaction to the account number given at the end of the purchase order or request. Shipping cost of the products is a costumer responsability . The contract will not be finished, and also the sell action, until the bank has confirmed the transfer to the account given.


Products purchased will be delivered to the person and address listed in the order.
By default, the bills are sent to the email address specified by the customer.
On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays no orders will be shipped out.
However, the delay does not imply or cancel the order or any compensation.
An order is considered delivered when the carrier delivers the package or packages and the customer signs the delivery receipt. The client must check the condition of the goods at the time of delivery to indicate any possible damage on the delivery receipt.


Return Policy:
All products purchased on Forward Council can be returned to the supplier under the following rules.
If the product retains the original packaging and original tags, has not been washed or used and is in perfect condition. In this case the customer has 7 days to report the return of the product. The product will be shipped to the point of origin. Upon receipt of the product by the supplier and checked all the above conditions, the supplier will proceed to refund the product. The cost of shipping in this case shall be borne by the customer. The reimbursement amount will be made to the same account number no later than 30 days.
If upon delivery to the customer, the product is damaged, shipping charges for return will also be reimbursed to customer.
Therefore we recommend reviewing the goods before the delivery receipt, properly confirming their status unless otherwise advised.


Order Cancellation
The customer may freely withdraw from the contract, canceling the order before the sale of goods. In that case, the client will not pay any expenses. In the event of cancellation after the departure of the order, the customer shall be charged the initial shipping and the cost of returning the same order.
If the purchased product is a commission that is “made to order” after the purchase, the possibility of cancellation will be affected by the state in which it is in the manufacturing process. If manufacturing has begun, the customer cannot cancel the order.


Sound styling:
Music section.
This section displays the work of music and sound artists. The material shown in this section comes from the artists themselves directly or has been taken from online platforms that have free distribution of that material.
In the event that the presence of some content is not pleasing to the creator, will be sufficient to eliminate that content by reporting this information by email
The content shown in this section is not ready for download, but Forward Council can take no responsibility for any illegal discharge systems employed by the user or the methods by which it continues to gain material.
Sometimes the creators of the work can provide a download link for dissemination. Forward Council is not responsible for non-performance of the link or its contents.
Council Forward never provides download links which have not been provided and approved by the author.


Third Parties:
Www.forwardcouncil.com displayed on the web link and links to other websites.
Forward Council is not responsible for the content of these third-party sites, nor for any virus, cookies or problems that may arise from client visits to these sites.

Forward Council reserves the right to take necessary and appropriate legal action against those who do not respect the following rules and prohibitions:
Expressly prohibited:

Use of any of the content and/or services for illegal purposes, or in any way to damage, disable, overburden, impair or impede the normal use of services, equipment or documents, files and all sorts of content stored on any of Forward Council’s computer equipment.
Using content and services that are protected by any right of intellectual property belonging to the company or third parties without the user having previously obtained the necessary authorization holders to carry out the use made or intended.
Any reproduction, copying, distribution, alterations or modification of the contents, unless you have permission of the copyright holder or it is legally permitted.
Adding viruses or other physical or electronic elements that may damage or impede the normal operation of the network, system or computer equipment (hardware and software) of Forward Council or to third parties or anything which may damage the electronic documents and files stored on those computers.
Forward Council is not, to the extent permitted by law, liable for damages of any kind that may result from the transmission, distribution, storage, availability, reception or access to content, and particularly but not exclusively, for damages that may occur using his sistem and services.