Valencia Disseny Week

For the third year running, the Designers’ Association of the Valencia Region (ADCV) is promoting Valencia Disseny Week (VDW), a major event packed with designrelated activities that will be held in Valencia from 19 to 24 September 2011, coinciding with the Feria Hábitat Valencia trade fair. The design week aims to become a beacon for all the design-based events that are hosted concurrently in Valencia, in order to promote design culture to a wide range of target audiences while simultaneously supporting all those involved.
During the week, Valencia will become one of the leading international capitals for design and a national benchmark. The design week will encompass almost one hundred activities including exhibitions, showrooms, presentations, inaugurations, conferences, talks, workshops and much more, with a view to promoting Valencian design, as well as welcoming national and international design, and conveying that design is an effective tool for industrial improvement
and for the economic sustainability of the business network.
One of the main activities that will take place during the week is the second edition of the ADCV Awards, an initiative organised by the ADCV that highlights the importance of the work carried out by designers from the Region of Valencia and recognises Valencian design excellence. The award-winning projects and selected entries (217 out of almost 500 works entered in the competition) will be included in the 2011 BiAnuario, the fifth edition of a catalogue that compiles the best in Valencian design.


“Cuarto Creciente” is a documentary film that offers a inside vision of the evolution of design in the Region of Valencia over the last 25 years.
The video starts with the creation of the Designers’ Association of the Valencia Region (ADCV) and weaves its way through the history of a profession that has marked numerous generations, using different testimonies and first-hand accounts. The documentary features professionals such as Nacho Lavernia, Pepe Gimeno, Nacho Gómez-Trenor, Elisa Talens, Raúl Ferris, Víctor Arráez, David Ortiz, members of the CuldeSac and Néctar design studios, as well as individuals beyond the borders of the Region of Valencia, such as the designer-architect Juli Capella and the director of the magazine Experimenta, Pierluigi Cattermole.


This project takes place within the framework of activities carried out for the 25th anniversary of the Designers’ Association of the Valencia Region (ADCV), which was
celebrated in 2010. The goal of this documentary is not only to provide a historical review of the association’s origins, rather to illustrate the achievements, difficulties and challenges of a relatively young profession that has developed in parallel to the association. It is a story symbolising the prosperity of a collective that still conserves some of the traces that differentiate it from other geographical areas, such as Catalonia, Madrid or London.

Cuarto Creciente is a Menta production impulsed by Asociación de Diseñadores de la Comunidad Valenciana with the help of IMPIVA and co-financed by the FEDER funds, within the Operative FEDER programme of the Valencian Community 2007-2013.